about us

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Global Bankchain is born from the need of a revolution. A centralized fintech and super-secured platform, insuring security, freedom and independence.

We are a platform, offering centralized solutions and financial services to our demanding clients.

Why are we different ?

We are not a bank, we’re not a bunch of bankers. We are people like you, that felt the need to rebuild trust in the financial world. Our team is comprised of developers, fintech experts and cryptoinvestors, cybersecurity experts, hackers, consultants... At Global Blockchain we prevent and guarantee no breach because you're protected by masters, that just want the same as YOU do : feel better, safer. Because banking must be simpler.


We are shaping the future of a world where every citizen can regain control over his life, his dreams, his money.

When it comes to banking, you want an honest deal with no surprises. You want it to be simple and easy. Global BankChain is born from this demand, and the normalization of the blockchain as a safe tool that can only empower you.

We are leading the fintech revolution, by bringing into the market a unique blockchain-based platform responding to all problems. We are creating an evolutive community, for fintech enthusiastics, cryptogeeks, traders, investors... everyone because we believe that our fintech is the model of what future banking is going to look like.

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Global BankChain is based on state-of-the-art blockchain technology and cutting-edge web and mobile applications. Our developers are masters in the cryptoworld and our keyword is security.

Information security is of paramount importance in the fintech industry with breaches causing millions in losses and a loss of reputation for global brands. Protecting our customer information and transactional data is our responsibility.

Now, just breathe, you are with Global BankChain


Global BankChain is part of the conglomerate Global Group LLC, a group of several companies. Global Group is a member of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and our experts are consultants at 4 of ICC's leading international policy commissions.