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Global Bankchain is born from the need of a revolution. A centralized fintech and super-secured platform, insuring security, freedom and independence.

We are a platform, offering centralized solutions and financial services to our demanding clients.

Why are we different ?

We are people like you, that felt the need to rebuild trust in the financial world. Our team is comprised of developers, fintech experts and cryptoinvestors, cybersecurity experts, hackers, consultants... At Global Blockchain we prevent and guarantee no breach because you're protected by masters, that just want the same as YOU do : feel better, safer. Because banking must be simpler.

Global Bankchain is based in Tallinn, Estonia, and works globally - always updated to the last techs, aware of the next challenges.

Credit Card
Paying with a Credit Card

our products

Access a range of unique products for your personal finances, your money transfer but also for your business or online marketplace

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create your ICO/STO
your wallet and your credit card
your secured dropbox and mail
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our crypto
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your smart contracts and tokens
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Welcome to your new "bank", 100% Blockchain

You don't believe in banking solutions anymore?

You feel emprisoned within the standard financial system?

You feel abused?

But you want security?

You want to feel free...

You need THE "bank" that will change your life?


BREATHE and...

Welcome to Global BankChain

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